Sunday, 19 September 2010

Some of my previous work

 I've been interested in photography for many years and started my obsession with an olympus SP 350. This enabled me to start learning about the basic functions within the camera as well as having the usual 'point and shoot' capability. I started to learn about shutter speed and aperture and became more creative in my shots.

 In Dec 2007 I took the plunge and bought my Nikon D80 with 18-135 lens and really started to get into it. I was lucky enough to be going to New York over that New Year and took hundreds of shots of this energetic and vibrant city. It was a shame that I didn't use the full capability of the camera, but I was still very new and had a huge amount to learn. Over the next 18 months, I simply took pictures wherever I was and whenever I could.

In 2010, I thought it was time to get some proper training so I stared a 'portrait' photography course at Cannock college. I found it very rewarding as not only did I learn a great deal in the classes, I also met professional photographers (including Maggie) and was able to draw upon their expertise. In May I did my first photoshoot for a friends Saxophone band an in June I did my first Wedding.

I also started taking pictures of dogs (I have a golden lab called 'Eddie' and I have several friends with dogs!).

Then.......I invested in a 50mm 1.4 lens!

I have now done a few photoshoots (with the guidance and support from my friend Maggie! - she's a star!) of friends and family.

And finally......why am I doing this course?

I want to succeed in gaining a recognised qualification in photography so that I can gain more confidence and skill in a activity that I love doing. I'm also, very much, looking forward to meeting like minded people and learning in relaxed and friendly environment where we can all share knowledge and expertise.


  1. Hi Sal, I like the dog theme, have you ever seen work by a photographer called Elliot Erwitt, he was a Magnum photographer but also tried to capture elements of human absurdity in life with humour, he also produced fantastic dog portraiture, check out some of his photographs if inspiration needed.

    p.s The 50mm f1.4 a great choice for portrait work, I am just getting the handle of the Canon equivelant.

  2. i like the portrait stuff. I have resently bought a tome by Elliot Erwit entitled Personal Best. it is a strange mixture of images but they are all of normal life and picked out by him. I have enjoyed looking through it.

  3. Cheers, will take a peek at Elliot Erwit, I like the sound of him!

  4. Nice stuff here Sal,looking forward to some more