Saturday, 2 October 2010

Statement of intent - Theme 1 portrait

Intentions/purpose of the photography to be undertaken

My intentions for the photography that I'm going to undertake in this course is a mixture of low-key, and high-key studio photography with some location pieces thrown in to provide some context to the subject.

Reasons for selecting 'Drag Queens'/'Drag king'

I have chosen, as a project, to focus on 'drag queens' or 'female impersonators' as I think that this is an original idea that has a number of creative possibilities. Drag queens traditionally are vivacious, extreme and outrageous, some portraits portray this stereotypical image of them. I would like to take more 'non-conventional' shots that portray a more emotional side.

The Photo imaging equipment and medium that I will be using and why

Camera - Nikon D80

Lens - 18-135mm and 50mm 1.4

Flash transmitter - IR

Studio lights/Equip - Prolinca 400 X2
                                 Interfit EXD 200 X2
                                 Bowens gemini
                                 Coloured gels/Barn doors/Snoot/Honey comb
                                 Soft boxes
                                 Umbrellas/Shoot through/reflector
                                 Sekonic light meter

Background -Lastolite Highlight/lowlight/grey
                     Variety of paperback grounds

Flash - SB800 speedlight

The purpose  of using this equipment is to provide me with the maximum amount of creative flexibility in both the studio and on location in the clubs that I will be shooting to provide some background research to my studio work.

Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visual message

In the clubs, in order to provide me with the desired effect, I will adopt a more 'documentary' style with a series of 'reportage' shots that will portray natural unposed shots. In the studio I will position the subjects in a series of pre-arranged lighting set ups and poses to achieve the desired project outcomes.

How light quality will be applied and controlled to help convey the visual message

The type of light that will be used is a mixture of both natural light (on location) and studio light. The key thing to consider when taking shots in the clubs is the lighting rig set up to light the performance and who to adjust the flash setting to create the desired effects.

Risk and health and safety considerations

In the studio the health and safety considerations are easier to manage as the environment is more controlled. Practical issues, such as cable management and dealing with hot lights and attachments have to be considered. On location the environment is not so controlled, so an awareness of potential hazards is essential and need to be identified during pre-visit trips.

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  1. Hi
    A clear statement of intent which shows me and you where you want to explore and investigate further.
    From this your research of fashion and portrait photographers will need to grow in volume, highlighting a number of photographers and their work.
    Also you need to upload the images you took in the studio last week with all the relevant technical data included.
    Then comparisons to research of your own work against theirs needs to be alongside this.