Saturday, 27 November 2010

Statement of intent - Theme 2, fine art

Intentions/purpose of the photography to be undertaken

For this theme, I have chosen to photograph 'Fine art'. The main theme for this will be the topic of fruit/veg and flowers as this is an area that will enable me to produce images of vibrance and colour and will be hopefully very appealing!

Reason for selecting this theme

Variation, colour, flexibility and creative potential.

The photo imaging equipment and medium that will be used and why

  • Nikon D80/D300 digital cameras.
I have chosen digital cameras as this is my area of knowledge. I have never used a film SLR camera as digital camera provide such flexibility and produce excellent results.

  • SB800 - Flash
  • Interfit 200 EXD studio kit
  • Prolica 400w flash heads
  • Highlight backdrop
  • Sekonic light meter
  • Interfit IR transmitter

Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visual image

I will be using the studio equipment and natural light to create my final images. I will also be using both lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 to do the post production work. I hope to produce some original and arty shots that convey, colour and mainly fun!

How light quality will be applied and controlled to help convey the visual message

As stated earlier, both artificial light and natural light will be used to maximize the impact of the shot and convey the desired message.

Risk and health and safety considerations

As with theme 1, all appropriate health and safety consideration shall be taken into account to ensure minimal risk to people in the surrounding area. Things to consider are:

  • The taping down of all loose wires with masking tape.
  • The correct assembly of backdrop stands, light stands, flash heads, back drop trains etc....
  • Adequate space is available to build the studio

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