Friday, 31 December 2010

Theme 2 - assignment planning 1 - red rose - Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas was born in Austria in 1921 and died in NYC in 1986. He was well know for his colour photography although some of his earliest work was actually in black and white. Before Ernst Haas, colour photojournalism was not very common and he very much became a pioneer of it. The picture shown below is one that I particularly like because of the colour (I love red), the subject and the swirling patterns created by the rose petals.


  • Nikon D300
  • 50mm lens
  • Even light source (daylight)
  • Red Rose

I plan to recreate this image by using the equipment stated above and use natural light. I will use a 50mm lens with a shallow depth of field to enable me to focus the viewers eye to the central focal point of the image. I will shoot from above and tweak the colours to boost them slightly in photoshop.

Original picture:


  • f5.6
  • 135mm
  • ISO 200
  • 1/50 sec
  • RAW file

I shot this from above in on camera flash light, however, in order for it to resemble the Ernst Haas picture, it needed some work in photoshop.

The resulting image looks like this:

This image, does resemble the origional Ernst Haas image, however, the rose is a different shape and the tone of Red is significantly brighter in this image.

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  1. Amazing....Its cool flowers.Thanks for sharing.
    seo europe