Friday, 31 December 2010

Theme 2 - Final images - Part 1

I have chosen to include the following images in my portfolio:


Nikon D300
No Flash
18-70mm lens
Shutter speed 1/10s
ISO 200
Focal length 32.00

This image was taken during a Gala dinner at work and I wanted to take a single image to try to represent the whole evening. I felt that Champagne was a great symbol for luxury and extravagance so I decided to take a picture of this. This picture was not tweaked in photoshop, this is how it looked in camera. The only thing that I have done is to resize it.


Nikon D300
No Flash
Shutter Speed 1/60 sec
ISO 1600
Focal length 34.00

This image was taken during the same gala dinner as this image above. The theme of the evening was Autumn and I wanted to try and capture the essence of this in a picture and I felt that the image above demonstrated this nicely. I like the colours of the candle light and the composition. I was unable to use flash as this would have destroyed the soft light. This being the case, I increased my ISO to 1600 to enable me to capture the soft candle light.


  1. Hi Sal,looks like you have been busy! particularly like the champagne bottles,great use of depth of field and good composition, you have even got some bokeh in there, keep up the good work and happy new year.

  2. So good, how did you get these, can you tell me, Pleeeeeeeeese